Bespoke machine learning algorithms for programmatic buying


Machine learning algorithms powerfully optimise programmatic advertising campaigns in real time, by constantly considering dozens of parameters and adjusting your targeting criteria and bidding strategy based on these parameters. The nature of machine learning requires expertise to ensure the right algorithms are employed and that the right data is considered to ensure maximum benefit.

iotec have built and managed machine learning algorithms for hundreds of advertisers. We offer this expertise to our clients to allow them to benefit from machine learning tailored specifically to their business needs, regardless of their existing programmatic buying platform.

The result? You get the highest level of performance against your business objectives with machine learning that is continually optimising and improving with audience discovery and targeting in real time.  

  • Algorithms aligned to your business
    Provide customised machine learning algorithms aligned to your business objectives to optimise your programmatic media spending.
  • Custom built by experts
    We have years of experience in building advanced machine learning algorithms and applying them to any media buying KPI so you can trust we will provide the right solution for your requirements.
  • Fully integrated
    We will apply your bespoke machine learning within your existing infrastructure (if your platform supports this).

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