Training your teams


Technology continues to evolve and ad platforms get ever more complex, the data they generate multiplies exponentially, while new standards and formats are constantly emerging. It’s critical that your teams are able to stay ahead of the latest developments to ensure they remain effective.

iotec provide access to our experienced campaign management, data science or data engineering experts who are able to create structured training programmes to fit the needs of your existing talent and technology.

The result? You are able to upskill your staff to learn valuable best practices and to increase their productivity and knowledge overall as a team.

  • Practical expertise
    We have experts across ad operations, campaign management and data science to provide hands-on experience and working knowledge.
  • Bespoke training plan
    We tailor the content of the training to suit the knowledge of the existing team and the technologies that they use today or will use in the future.
  • Platform agnostic
    Our practical skills have been honed across many platforms meaning we’re able to offer valuable platform specific training regardless of the technology your teams use.

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