Insourced/Outsourced campaign management


Programmatic buying results benefit enormously from a talented and experienced advertising operations team. However, programmatic ad ops is a highly specialised skill set.

iotec can provide access to their experienced ad ops team who provide campaign management, optimisation and reporting on any ad platform.

The result? You have access to support and advice on specific programmatic media challenges and in-house training resources with skills bespoke to your business needs.  

  • Ad ops expertise
    We have ad ops experts with years of practical experience to provide training and/or execution to ensure you exceed your digital marketing objectives.
  • Platform agnostic
    iotec are experienced in using many different media buying technologies which means we are able to support your business regardless of which platforms you currently use.
  • Flexible resource
    You can use as much or as little of our expert ad ops team as your digital media workload demands either in your own offices or in ours, whatever suits your needs.

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