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With the proliferation of platforms and solutions, marketers are overwhelmed by choices and are fearful of navigating the Digital Wild West. No marketer wants to fall into the trap of not knowing whether their budget is being spent on fraud or if the media they buy is being viewed in a brand safe environment. They want to understand the positive impact of their media investment. However, going down the self-serve route is resource intensive, requires specialist skills and scale to be cost effective.

iotec’s managed service programmatic buying solution means our expert team handle all your programmatic campaign requirements and reporting for you with full time support on pre-campaign, campaign and post-campaign stages. We will advise you how to plan a campaign, how to distribute budget, which targeting options to choose and so on.

The result? Straightforward, dedicated expert resource to manage all your media buying needs – our dedicated account managers will help make sense of the statistics and reporting, so you understand the true value and impact of your digital media performance.

  • Transparent media buying
    We provide visibility on every element of the transaction so each penny is accounted for.
  • Frees your resources
    Our experts do all the heavy lifting for you whilst keeping you informed at all stages of your campaign performance and sharing insights which are completely aligned to your business goals.
  • Secure from fraud
    iotec employ the highest levels of brand safety and third party verification to ensure that we don’t put your brand at risk.

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