Transparency is more than skin deep


Partnering with our Data Science teams to put you more in control of your campaigns by delivering deeper understanding to help you make better informed decisions. Transparency is more than skin deep; it’s not just understanding where your spend goes. It’s also endeavouring to understand the true impact of campaigns, what has driven the results and what matters to your customers. We always seek to deliver ‘metrics that matter’; aligning the outcomes with the campaign spend that drove them. We don’t have an agenda to push; if campaigns don’t work we’ll be upfront and always work in your best interests.

iotec can determine what drives value in your campaigns by running an uplift study to measure the incremental gains and show true ROI. Work with us to create a KPI and attribution model that reflects your business objectives; the industry standard last touch models are crude and skew investment towards retargeting rather than driving new users.

Gain access to business focused Data Scientists to extract customer insights ranging from user journeys, audience analysis, geo heatmaps, segmentation and bespoke analysis designed to answer your specific questions.

The result? You gain a new level of insight into your campaigns, their effectiveness and your customers.

  • Metrics that matter to you
    Measure the most meaningful things based on your objectives.
  • True picture of performance
    Aligning the outcomes against the campaign spend rather than relying on broken industry standard KPIs.
  • Customer insight
    Optimise future campaigns, creatives and your site by leveraging our Data Scientists as part of your team

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