iotec’s proprietary product suite solves the toughest of digital marketing challenges; from direct response to in-app targeting and high impact brand and video solutions.

Everyday we create value for our clients in three ways:

  1. Leverage true machine learning

    Drive innovative audience targeting, efficient media buying, and actionable insights.

  2. Present on the platforms that count with formats that matter

    iotec is a full omni-channel solution.

  3. Provide transparent and open transactions

    Every penny is traced back to your true return on investment.

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iotec for Direct Response

iotec’s efficient performance solution uses sophisticated machine learning strategies to identify new audiences and customers.

The benefits

  1. Efficient discovery

    Our machine learning technology uses real-time data to understand consumers changing needs and intentions.

  2. Increased scale

    Reach new audiences with safe and scalable inventory, everywhere.

  3. Transparent buying

    We work to a dynamic CPM model and provide visibility on every element of the transaction.

The discovery journey for Browser


Pixels on your website feed the machine learning strategies to inform the customer journey.


The platform quickly and precisely models the behaviours and influences of people showing consideration for your brand.


Fuelled by the actions of your customers the machine learning goes on to discover new audiences and customers.

The discovery journey for App


Advertiser data is ingested into iotec’s platform. This ensures only new prospective customers are reached.


Attributed iotec app installs fuel the machine learning to efficiently drive your performance campaigns.


Every new app install continues to inform and refine iotec’s machine learning strategies in real-time.

iotec for Brand

iotec drive engagement by leveraging the accuracy of high-quality audience data, enhanced with the efficiency and scale of machine learning to optimise placement and context across any channel or device.

The benefits

  1. Increased engagement

    iotec optimises engagement through high quality segmentation data and advanced machine learning.

  2. Maximise reach for less

    Machine learning extends your audience reach outside your core demographic, meaning more bang for your buck.

  3. Guaranteed brand protection

    Applying brand safety controls including pre-filtering, dynamic blacklist and the IAS Firewall.

The discovery journey for Brand


iotec can engage with an audience segment using video ads or other creative.


Over and above this, we can apply sophisticated machine learning to optimise the environment in which an ad is served, ensuring the highest level of engagement.


Additionally we can increase reach by applying our machine learning to extend your segment, finding more engaged consumers.

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