What is Intent Marketing?

Advertising used to be about roughly matching a brand’s audience with a relevant category but this assumptive targeting has obscured media buying. Rather than purely identifying audiences based on profile alone, intent marketing identifies and targets signals of intent.

When it comes to finding new audiences intent marketing is three times more accurate than demographic targeting.
Network Research

Intent marketing pin-points what it is you really want or need at any given moment. It considers your audience, how they behave and what is influencing them at a particular moment in time.


The Rise of Intent Marketing

Intent marketing turns the traditional model of audience segmentation on its head. Instead of iterating down to who you think your core audience is, it opens itself up to everyone who is showing signs that they’re interested in your product or service. If you rely solely on audience data to reach your customer you may risk missing great swathes of potential customers.

Intent Marketing is not a new concept in itself but the advent of our proprietary technology and its machine learning capabilities means that we are able to identify intent in ways never done before and at unprecedented scale.

70% of potential mobile shoppers could be missed if brands fail to identify intention.
Millward Brown

Our Intent Marketing Platform

Our Intent Marketing Platform will quickly and precisely model the behaviours and influences of individuals showing consideration for your brand.

Utilising sophisticated machine learning, our proprietary platform is able to understand the signals of intent specific to each individual, and predict how that intent is influenced. Instead of iterating down to who you think your audience is, we open up to everyone showing signs that they are interested in your product or service.

Our Products and Services

Targeting Solutions

  1. Direct Response – By leveraging the intuitive power of machine learning we will efficiently achieve your prospecting and retargeting KPI’s.
  2. Brand – Let us fulfill your brand objectives with our arsenal of high impact and premium online environments.

Ways of working with us

  1. Zero Touch – Managed Service: we manage your programmatic activity end-to-end, regularly feedback detailed reports and offer advice and expertise.
  2. Stay Tuned – 24/7 Reporting: while we are managing your campaign you can access the reports and monitor progress at any time and with real-time data. Via the Reporting Portal all your campaign data is accessible 24/7 and can be manipulated to create visual campaign stories and revelations that assist in informing your marketing. If you are seeking greater insight, in real-time ask about our brand new beta partnership.
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