At iotec we believe in full transparency. This means that when you work with us you’ll benefit from full disclosure on:

  1. Price – Margins, fees and cost of media.
  2. Data – How your data is used and full access to campaign insights
  3. Media – The media bought and where your ad has appeared
  4. Optimisation – The strategies employed to optimise your campaign

Core Technology

Built entirely by iotec, iotec Orb is our proprietary machine learning technology that delivers real value for our clients by quickly and precisely modelling the behaviours and influences of individuals ready to engage with your brand in real-time.

iotec’s sophisticated machine learning understands and identifies user signals in real-time, without assumption. Using first party data we develop bespoke machine learning strategies tailored to find the moment that counts to deliver your marketing message.

iotec do not rely on third parties. This end-to-end control brings with it the benefits of;

  1. Agility

    We are agile and nimble. We integrate quickly and can adapt to customer and market requirements.

  2. Intelligent Targeting

    We employ sophisticated machine learning to identify audiences outside simple segmentation, look-a-likes and retargeting.

  3. Full Disclosure

    An open and honest view into price and campaign tactics. Meaning more impressions, clicks and conversions from your media spend.

Through the power of true machine learning iotec’s technology is always on, always learning and always optimising. Our machine learning is effective because;

  1. It removes human assumption to discover new audiences and customers you have not yet considered.
  2. It optimises in real-time so you don’t need to use historic data to make manual campaign adjustments.
  3. It minimises media waste by processing more data in a day than any human could fathom in a lifetime to quickly optimise it’s targeting.

Self Serve Platform

iotec Horizon is your gateway into a totally transparent world of reporting, insights and an understanding of your true return on investment.

The benefits

  1. New Insights

    Delivering new insights about your audience and what drives them.

  2. Transparent ROI measurement

    A view into price and tactics including log level data.

  3. 24/7 Access

    Remain a step ahead with 24/7 access to real-time reports.

Take control of your campaign

While we are managing your campaign you can access reports and monitor progress at any time and with real-time data. Your campaign data is accessible 24/7 and creates visual campaign stories that assist in informing your marketing.

If you are seeking greater insight, in real-time, ask about our iotec Horizon beta partnership.

Brand Safety

iotec Shield is our proprietary solution that safeguards your brand from harmful and fraudulent inventory in real-time. It ensures stringent internal policies are always met and your brand’s reputation is never compromised.

The benefits

  1. Detection and elimination

    Our technology detects quality and eliminates fraud to ensure we only bid on human traffic in safe environments.

  2. Prevention

    24/7 scanning and checking for suspicious activity. All suspicious IDs are blacklisted.

  3. Trust

    We carefully curate our media sources and manage page-level blacklists to ensure suitability.

How iotec protect your brand

Content category filtering and blocks

Fraud Prevention

Blacklists and whitelists


Fraud prevention

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