iotec require  pixels to be implemented on your website prior to campaign launch. This will ensure accurate tracking, optimisation, reporting and most importantly acquire data to inform the machine learning.

Please share your campaign KPIs and required reporting fields with your iotec consultant prior to pixel implementation as this will ensure we include the right extensions and variables in the pixel.

Pixel Overview

 Universal Footer Pixel

The universal footer pixel should be placed on every page of the website that does not have a conversion/intent pixel. This pixel should be set to fire each time a page is visited by a user/customer. It can be placed verbatim directly onto the page or via a tag management solution.

This pixel helps understand the customer journey, frequency of return visits, lead time to book and so on, which in turn helps understand the audience better and strategies accordingly.

Intent Pixel

This pixel plays a key role in identifying & retargeting customers who have engaged with the brand and have made the journey down the funnel but have not converted. This pixel is implemented on a page where the customer has shown intent to purchase, for example, shopping basket, brochure form page.

Conversion Pixel

The conversion pixel is key as it allows the machine to learn more about people who convert and refine targeting based on them – thus refining targeting and optimising the campaign further. Please discuss reporting requirements and data collection strategies with us prior to implementation so we can add these variables to the pixels accordingly.

Pixel FAQs

Do iotec pixels require JavaScript?

Where possible iotec encourage the use of JavaScript pixels, however you will also be provided with static image pixels which can be used if your site does not accept JavaScript pixels. Non-JavaScript pixels may not have the full functionality provided by JavaScript, so please inform your Account Manager if you wish to use these.

Will iotec pixels reduce the page load rate of my site?

Implementing iotec pixels on your site should not impact the page load speed. If you have specific pixel loading speed tests, please provide details to your Account Manager.

Should iotec pixels be configured to fire every time a page loads or should a form of conditional firing be applied?

As standard, please implement iotec pixels to fire every time a page loads. The data gathered by iotec pixels facilitates campaign measurement and reporting AND fuels machine learning which allows your campaign to achieve outstanding results. Conditional firing can limit the volume of data being picked up by your iotec pixels which may have a detrimental impact on your campaigns.

In some cases, conditional firing may be a tactic that you wish to use for a specific purpose. Please discuss this with your Account Manager who will help you to find the best possible configuration.

How long before my campaign start date should iotec pixels be implemented?

The earlier you can implement your pixels the better, as this reduces the possibility delays to the campaign and provides the iotec platform with as much data as possible. Pixels must be implemented at least five working days prior to the campaign start date, to allow for testing of the end-to-end customer journey, though wherever possible we ask that you implement pixels earlier than this.

If you anticipate any problems with timely implementation of pixels, please speak to your Account Manager.

Can pixels be implemented through Google Tag Manager or another tag management / container tag solution?

Yes, iotec pixels are often implemented through a tag management solution. It can be useful for us to know if you are using a tag management solution, so please do tell your Account Manager. Instructions for implementation are provided with your pixels.

Can iotec pixels track values / variables from pages on my website?

Yes. iotec pixels can be configured to pick up page variables dynamically, such as ‘order value’ and ‘currency’.

The pixels we will be providing you with have multiple variables for the client to pass back values into these variables.

I have multiple conversion events which I wish to track. Can I do this using iotec pixels?

Yes. iotec pixels can be configured to track most customer journeys. Please speak to your Account Manager about your customer journey and they can advise on the best possible pixel configuration.