Our Story

At iotec we believe that powerful machine learning and data science can make digital marketing work better and more efficiently for brands and marketers. This is the reality we have been creating since 2013 with our passionate team of scientists, coders, developers, media professionals and even sci-fi writers!

We were founded in Plymouth in 2013 by three data scientists from the Met Office who began harnessing experimental machine learning technology for something other than weather forecasts. Together they designed and built our proprietary technology from the bottom up with transparency at its core.

Our company grew from strength to strength after acquiring significant investment from some of the UK’s leading technology and media entrepreneurs. This accelerated recruitment and allowed us to seek out some of the South West’s most talented individuals to join our growing team of experts.

Just one year later we opened a commercial office in London with a team of only two. Today that number has increased tenfold and is still expanding; attracting thought-leaders and industry veterans who want to help shape a new wave of digital advertising.

Our Philosophy

Our way of working and media platform is 100% transparent.

When working with us you have a view into cost, margins and media placement. This gives you better campaign performance, more impressions, clicks and conversions from your digital marketing budget.

We can do this because we marry programmatic with sophisticated machine learning to ensure we deliver not only the best performance for our customers, but also provide full transparency, through clear, actionable insights, media costs and margins.

Our Values


Our aim is to help you solve your marketing challenges so we will have a two way conversation with you.


We believe in full transparency across pricing, ad placement, data usage and campaign optimisation.


We are innovators, always evolving our platform and seeking new ways of working to the betterment of the company and our customers.

Top Notch Team

We are only as good as the people we work with. We nurture an open and encouraging environment where everyone can share their skills and knowledge.

Want to join the team?
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