Data management strategy


Data management strategy is the process of planning or creating strategies/plans for handling the data created, stored, managed and processed by an organisation. Data management strategy should ultimately help an organisation gain the best benefits from its data and data assets. These data can be master, operational, transactional or any other form.

iotec can impartially review your current processes and review current customer interactions to identify where improvements can be made and streamlined.


  1. Identify opportunities for an organisation to use data to improve their marketing
  2. Ensure organisations have the right people, processes and partners to gain the best benefits from their data
  3. Ensure that processes are compliant with GDPR and any other pertinent legislation


  1. Review current data collection, storage and processing strategies and processes
  2. Review all customer interactions to uncover additional data opportunities
  3. Gap analysis - identify organisational needs


  1. Rich, dynamic datasets are accessible and provide insights into customer behaviours and preferences, providing positive value to the organisation
  2. Transactional and operational logs are available for audit
  3. Data is processed in a legally compliant manner

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