iotec increase Rocks & Co’s site traffic by 233%


Grow online presence and drive a high volume of new and quality customers to the online outlet.


Rocks & Co are specialist gemstone retailers offering premium jewellery at affordable prices. The Rocks & Co audience has traditionally been women, 45+. However, they were in the process of launching an online outlet in the UK that offers best price guarantee and price matching. With the move to launch their first UK based online outlet Rocks & Co were looking to reach a much wider audience.

iotec supported Rocks & Co’s online outlet launch by leveraging machine learning technology to identify and acquire a new and varied audience outside of their traditional parameters of women, aged 45+.


Implement an intent marketing strategy that drives high quality, relevant traffic. Key performance indicators were designed around the campaigns CTR which would be substantiated by the number of new sessions, frequency of re-visits and time to book.

Phase 1

Launch predictive machine learning algorithms that drive the most probable traffic to the site.

Phase 2

Collect data and launch complex machine learning algorithms that seek out new prospects efficiently.



Our main objective was to drive a high volume of new customers, who may never have heard of us before, to our website. We partnered with iotec and saw a 233% increase in three months. The CTR just went up and up and up! The increase in traffic to our website certainly impacted revenue.
Grainne Day, e-commerce Manager, Rocks & Co

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