How iotec exceeded CPA target by 9% and average approval rate by 28% within five months for a premium credit card brand


Identify and reach brand new ‘high quality’ customers who are likely to be approved for a premium credit card.


This premium credit card brand offers a range of UK credit cards with different rewards and benefits tailored to every consumer’s lifestyle and interests.

Through their media agency, Mindshare, they were looking for a new partner who could add to that plan by reaching and acquiring incremental customers, not just hitting their existing, known audience. Mindshare identified iotec’s scalable machine learning as a suitable solution to test.


iotec Prospecting

iotec Prospecting used machine learning to identify new premium credit card customers without using expensive third party data which lacks scale and quickly becomes outdated. By creating a model of the environments and opportunities where serving a marketing message led to a positive outcome, iotec were able to reach the right audience at a time when they were demonstrating intent.

Driving High Quality Applications

Campaign success was measured against approved credit card customers, not just applications. iotec’s machine learning used campaign approval rate data to identify ‘high quality’ audiences, driving up the approval rate month on month and reducing the CPA as a direct result.


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