iotec combine machine learning and location analysis to increase campaign ROI by 36%


To increase online ticket sales and achieve ROI target within a two week time frame.


ODEON tasked iotec to find the right type of new customer within a very short period of time.

iotec built a machine learning audience signature based on the customers of similar films and used location data to geo-fence specific catchment areas. Rather than remaining static the signature adapted and responded to the engagement it received from ODEON customers. The efficient, fast-track approach saved ODEON two weeks of learning without compromising on results which is of huge significance when running short-burst campaigns.


iotec set out to fast track the machine learning process and accumulate a month’s worth of machine learning data prior to campaign launch. From this data iotec developed a bespoke audience signature that would deliver outstanding results from day one.

Fast Track Machine Learning

iotec used smart pixels to analyse historical customer data from similar ODEON action films. This allowed the iotec platform to identify common characteristics and behaviours that make these customers distinct. Combining customer data with signals of intent helped to construct a unique machine learning signature for an  audience who were likely to be interested in seeing this blockbuster.

Data Analysis

iotec mapped location data from bookings to identify the optimum radius from each ODEON venue to advertise within. Rather than targeting a fixed area around each cinema, iotec geo-fenced a tailored booking radius, only showing ads to those most likely to visit their local ODEON.


iotec kept the message local, personal and relevant to ODEON’s prospective customer’s interests. In turn, the online experience was improved, as was visitor frequency and customer acquisition. Furthermore, this campaign’s success meant it was shortlisted for Best Programmatic and Performance Marketing at the Masters of Marketing Awards.

ODEON, with the help of iotec, provided blockbuster customer experience and box office-busting return on investment.



The campaign outperformed our expectations and we were provided with new insights around location parameters and new customers we had never been able to reach before. We work with iotec to this day and are continually impressed by their competitive programmatic performance and personal customer service.
Geraint Evans, Group Head of Marketing Programmes, ODEON

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