How iotec drove 6% year-on-year uplift for IHG


Reverse the decline in Park, Stay and Go revenue by delivering a year-on-year increase in revenue.


IHG’s ‘Park Stay & Go’ product takes the stress out of travel by combining accommodation and parking at one of their conveniently located airport, train station or docks & port hotels across the UK.

Park Stay & Go revenue was falling year on year across IHG’s family of brands, including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza. Through a six month programmatic campaign with iotec, with no other media support (i.e. email, TV, print, etc) and without the use of a price promotion, IHG reversed this decline and drove a clear uplift in revenue whilst successfully exceeding all CPA targets.


iotec Prospecting

iotec used IHG’s first party data combined with campaign data to create a seed audience for the Park, Stay and Go product.  We used this seed to build a target base for prospecting.

Selective Retargeting

iotec smart pixels dynamically identified IDs who had visited the pages of hotels where Park Stay & Go is available and retargeted these with IHG’s specific Park Stay & Go messaging.a level of performance beyond that of less-advanced machine learning.



This product was dropping year-on-year in revenue. Not only did we manage to buck that trend, we have actually managed to see a year on year uplift of 6% – more than we thought we would see be able to do for this product in such a short amount of time. What’s more, with iotec we were able to reach brand new, incremental customers.
Lorraine Rushton, UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, IHG

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