Huawei utilises iotec Discovery to drive mobile conversions


Drive a high CTR on mobile amongst Tech and Finance enthusiasts in the UK and Germany, iotec’s machine learning strategies achieved CTR’s of well above 1%.


iotec combined iotec Discovery mobile with 3rd party audience data to drive clicks amongst Tech and Finance enthusiasts. iotec Discovery leverages the power of iotec Orb machine learning, which targets the segment of the audience, environments and contexts most likely to click.


Average campaign CTR was 0.52%.

iotec Discovery CTR was 225% higher than 3rd party audience targeting alone.

iotec provided an incredibly successful pilot by learning quickly where our hard-to-reach B2B audience segment were engaging and getting our Brand message to fit those channels. The results show how machine learning can indeed add value to display campaigns, even under tight time constraints. Our ambition is to scale this approach to many more markets
Nick Graham, Global Director Digital Marketing & Media, Huawei Technologies

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