iotec improves CPA by 85% through frequency analysis


Identify pet owners who don’t use the product and inform them about the positive effects on their pets overall happiness.


This significant veterinary brand sought to educate pet owners about the benefits of their pharmaceutical animal range in a bid to drive online sales. iotec were already managing this products retargeting activity and consistently achieving the weekly CPA target but it was time to go one step further and seek out pet owners who did not yet know about the product and its benefits.



iotec Prospecting

As the intent marketing specialists, iotec analysed the behaviours that lead to product purchase. They then created a bespoke profile that identifies these signals of intent in order to seek out like minded individuals who don’t yet know about the product.

Selective Retargeting

Along with creating a bespoke profile iotec’s data analysts identified frequency as a key variable impacting campaign performance and worked this into the solution.

Through intelligent insights and machine learning iotec provided an efficient and affordable campaign approach that led to a 67% saving, allowing for further reinvestment into reaching new customers.



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