ellaOne doubles brand awareness with high impact programmatic campaign


To increase awareness of the ellaOne brand among its core audience of women aged 18 to 35.


ellaOne is the most effective morning after pill available to women in the UK*, but the brand was facing two key challenges. Women were unaware of the fact that they have a choice when it comes to emergency contraception  and secondly, even
fewer had heard of ellaOne, despite it being the most effective morning after pill available.

By partnering with iotec, the intent marketing specialists and Acumen, ellaOne sought a way to increase brand awareness amongst their core audience of women aged 18 to 35.




In response to these challenges Acumen and iotec engaged with ellaOne’s core audience by promoting their product through a high impact, branding campaign. They employed branding techniques in the programmatic space meaning they could specifically target women, 18 to 35 accurately and cost effectively. To measure brand uplift, iotec created a single-question survey and collated the responses in their intent marketing platform. The ellaOne audience was divided into a control group (not exposed to the campaign) and a test group (exposed). This allowed iotec to measure the existing brand awareness against the uplift generated from the campaign.


The high impact, programmatic campaign produced a 124% increase in awareness amongst ellaOne’s target audience. An assured outcome for ellaOne and for the women who now proactively ask for  this product over alternative options. Furthermore, ellaOne now has a benchmark for brand awareness to be used for future campaigns.


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