Advertising Specifications

Everything you need to know about the specs, sizes and standards to get your adverts up and running with iotec. This document covers standard ad formats. Please enquire with your account manager for details relating to formats that are not listed.

Please note – it can take up to 48 hours for your creatives to be approved for use by publishers and ad exchanges.

Better Ad Standards

iotec adhere to the Better Ads Standards guidelines. Our commitment to Better Ad Standards means that we will continually take proactive steps to ensure that our publisher and exchange partners supply ad formats that provide the best possible experience for online consumers in accordance with the guidelines. Should any of our ad inventory supply fall short of the standard then immediate action will be taken by iotec to prevent any breach of the standard.

Mandatory and Recommended Ad Creative Sizes

The following ad sizes represent the vast majority of programmatic media inventory available. We recommend you supply a minimum of six ad sizes. If you would like to use any ad sizes that are not displayed here, please enquire with your account manager.

Display Specification

Desktop Mobile Web In-App (iOS and Android)
Mandatory Leaderboard: 728 × 90
Inline rectangle: 300 × 250
Wide skyscraper: 160 × 600
Mobile leaderboard: 320 × 50
Mobile banner: 300 × 50
Mobile leaderboard: 320 × 50
Mobile banner: 300 × 50
Recommended Square: 250 × 250
Banner: 468 × 60
Large rectangle: 336 × 280
Skyscraper: 120 × 600
Half-page: 300 × 600
Small square: 200 × 200
Mobile: 360 × 50
320 × 50
728 × 90
768 × 1024 / 1024 × 768
300 × 250
320 × 480
480 × 320 (video capabilities)
Other Available Sizes Large leaderboard: 970 x 90
Large mobile banner: 320 x 100
Billboard: 970 x 250

Video Ad Specification

Mobile Web Mobile In-App Desktop Web
Supported ad tags
  • VAST 2.0
  • VPAID 2.0 (alpha test)
VAST 2.0
  • VAST 2.0
  • VPAID 2.0 (alpha test)


Supported formats In-stream (user initiated/sound on) Interstitial (user initiated
/sound on):

  • 320 x 480
  • 480 x 320
  • 1024 x 768
  • 768 x 1024
In-stream (user initiated/sound on)
Video Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • 360p or less
  • Typical resolution: 640 x 360
  • 360p or less
  • Typical resolution: 640 x 360
  • 360p – 576p
  • Typical resolution: 854 x 480 or 1024 x 576
Audio AAC-LC Up to 48khz
Bit rate 500 – 700 kbps 500 – 700 kbps 700 – 1500 kbps
File size N/A Max file size (iOS & Android):

  • Recommended 2MB (maximum file size is 5MB).
  • Videos that are closer to 2MB can have a better performance.

Up to 30 seconds.

For MPX performance, best practice is videos up to 15 seconds. Over 15 seconds, the video becomes skippable

Format MP4
Required to be SSL in response
  • Media file
  • Tracking beacons
Not required to be SSL in response
  • Click through URL
  • Display URL
  • Anything not fired in the client
  • Click through URL
  • 3rd party tracking tags accepted
Creative submission Please send all assets to your iotec account manager.

Your creative will be submitted to our ad review team for technical and policy validation.

Failure to supply assets that meet the above specifications on time will potentially delay go live date.

Assets must be received (and comply with above specification) at least 2 business days before campaign start date.


General Technical Requirements
Format Use File Size Looping Animation
Images: GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG Required 150KB initial load Permitted 30s max
Other file types: CSS, JS
Ad Requirements
SSL Compliance

Advertising Privacy Icon

Dimensions Design Placement Application
Ad Marker Container 77 x 15 Rounded lower left corner radius: 8px Top right corner of creative
Third Party Ad Servers

iotec supports most third-party ad servers and accepts JavaScript tags. Please contact your account manager for a list of approved vendors.

Advertising Content Guidelines
Unacceptable Advertising

iotec will not accept ads for the following products or categories:

These guidelines may change and further discretionary restrictions may apply. iotec is subject to the guidelines of the inventory suppliers – Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) – with whom we work, and cannot be held responsible for changes in the guidelines of these parties which may impact the eligibility of an advertiser’s creatives.

Download a pdf. of our ad specifications guide.

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