Our story

iotec are leading, independent, ethical digital media consultants and practitioners.

We guide our clients to achieve the highest levels of transparency, effectiveness and security across their digital media activity, with bespoke solutions and services to suit their unique requirements.

Our diverse team continues to grow, attracting thought-leaders and industry veterans who are passionate about delivering ethically-driven, best in class results for advertisers

What we mean by ethical digital media

Our 7 Ethical Principles

We believe in creating an ethical digital ecosystem that benefits both advertisers and consumers. That’s why we’ve outlined 7 ethical principles that we’ll always adhere to.

  1. iotec always disclose a fixed margin which means that we are not incentivised to make margin by bidding on questionable inventory. We disclose exactly what we have spent on media, on any 3rd party services and how much we’ve charged. We are completely aligned to your campaign’s objectives and overachieving your KPIs.
  2. iotec never make or receive any undisclosed payments to agencies, trading desks, partners or media owners. We won’t pay trading rebates, discounts or kickbacks which distort the true cost of media.
  3. iotec buy from ads.txt compliant sources (where possible) meaning you can be assured that we are only bidding on brand-safe inventory.
  4. iotec employ the highest levels of brand protection. We never place ads on websites that are likely to have questionable content. We exclude multiple categories of sites, operate a regularly curated blacklist of sites and verticals as well as offering third party products as standard (with option to opt-out) to further ensure that ads only appear in appropriate environments.
  5. iotec will only advertise legally and morally acceptable products. We do not believe that machine learning should be used to seek out vulnerable consumers.
  6. iotec do not share the learnings or data gathered from a customer’s campaign with anyone else. All our customer data is completely ring-fenced.
  7. iotec are technology agnostic meaning that we will recommend the best solution for any scenario aligned to your business outcomes only.

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