The State of Play in Digital: November 2018

by Stephanie Browne on 30th November 2018

November has been and gone, bringing with it a wave of events, campaigns, and debates surrounding the future of digital media. Here we have our statistic of the month and our two top stories in adtech from the past month:

Stat of the month

Around two-thirds (65%) of global digital ad-spend is expected to be traded programmatically in 2019, representing growth of 19% on 2018, according to the latest forecast from ROI agency Zenith. This surge in programmatic growth will empower brands and agencies to take greater control of their spend, enabling them to decide which impressions to buy and how much to pay for them.

Government introduces new tech tax

The UK government announced a 2% “digital services tax” in Britain’s Autumn Budget, aimed at US tech giants such as Amazon and eBay.

Ad organisations, however, have warned that the tax is a challenge to the digital media market — which is already under pressure from economic uncertainty and increasing calls for tighter regulation. Advertising authorities believe that the tax could be a hindrance to progress in the UK, threatening it’s position as a “leader in digital innovation”.

Financial Times shakes up ad-stack in search of subscribers

The Financial Times is a few weeks into a major new campaign to boost subscriptions, but has continued shaking-up its ad platform stack.

The new campaign, “Don’t decide until you subscribe”, is avoiding Facebook, and instead spending more on social platforms LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as digital out-of-home advertising, audio ads and podcasts.

The FT was among a number of publishers that pledged to cut off ad spending on Facebook in response to the platform’s decision to include publishers’ promoted posts in an archive of issue-related and political ads.