iotec achieves the IAB Gold Standard Certification

by iotec on 16th July 2018
Today iotec has successfully achieved the IAB Gold Standard certification following an audit of iotec’s ad practices. The Gold Standard initiative, launched by the IAB UK in October 2017, is designed to raise standards in the digital advertising industry.

The certification confirms that iotec meets the IAB’s Gold Standard criteria which comprises of:

1. Reducing ad fraud through the implementation of ads.txt. This new initiative from IAB TechLab shows who is authorised to sell a specific site’s inventory and prevents the selling of spoofed or fake inventory.

2. Improving the digital advertising experience by adhering to the LEAN principles and the standards set by the Coalition for Better Advertising and never using the 12 bad ads that offer people a poor digital advertising experience in desktop web or mobile web environments.

3. Increasing brand safety by working with JICWEBS to ensure that the Display Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Brand Safety Principles are valuable, applicable and continue to evolve with market expectations.

Paul Wright, CEO of iotec comments: “Achieving the Gold Standard certification further highlights our commitment to providing our clients with the level of transparency they should expect from all their adtech partners.”

“This move forms a large part of iotec’s efforts to promote and create a trustworthy, transparent and safe environment for advertisers. We welcome all third-party verification to build trust and bring some order and regulation to the Digital Wild West.”

Last year, iotec also received the JICWEBS Anti-Fraud and Brand Safety (DTSG) Seals, demonstrating iotec’s ability to meet industry agreed standards to reduce the risk of both ad misplacement (linked to the issue of brand safety) and exposure to ad fraud.

The JICWEBS Principles are industry-approved guidelines against which media buyers, publishers or intermediaries can be verified. The aim of the Principles is to promote confidence in the industry by demonstrating that companies like iotec are providing targeted protection against some of the key issues affecting the online advertising industry.

At the time of going to press, iotec is one of only seven platforms to hold the JICWEBS Anti-Fraud and Brand Safety (DTSG) Seals and the IAB Gold Standard certification.

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