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We are intent marketing specialists, applying machine learning to identify consumer intent without assumptions. We provide transparent media buying, smart insights and expertise to enable brands to understand and intelligently act in real context and in real time.


Discover why transparency is at the heart of our business and how it will benefit you.

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Would you like to know how an intent marketing strategy can help your business? The Drum partnered with us to explore the growth of intent marketing and the efficiencies it offers marketers.

What is intent marketing?

Intent marketing determines what it is you really want or need at any given moment. At iotec we can identify a user’s signals of intent to adopt, purchase or consume a particular product or service. Intent considers not only who your audience is, but how they behave and what is influencing them at a particular moment in time.

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How we identify and target intent

Zero Assumptions

We don’t make assumptions about gender, age or any other demographics used in traditional marketing.


Our platform looks at previously consumed content, the time of day, device and a whole host of other data points.

Machine Learning

Making a decision based on a user's past behaviours in real-time and then serving a relevant message, in a relevant environment.

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As an industry we are at a key moment of our market's development. Digital advertising needs to focus on concerns about its efficacy so we have built a data driven, transparent and convergent business that excels in identifying and understanding customer intent. We use sophisticated machine intelligence to provide transparent and tangible value to clients, their agencies and media platforms
Paul Wright - CEO, iotec
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Our way of working is 100% transparent

Fixed Margins

Our margins are fixed and we tell you what they are, upfront.

Dynamic CPMs

Our CPM's aren't concealed, blended or fixed.

Accessible Insights

We show you where your campaign actually appeared.

Our platform

Our clients

Our product was dropping year-on-year in revenue. Not only did we manage to buck that trend, we have actually managed to see a year on year uplift of 6% – more than we thought we would be able to do for this product in such a short amount of time. What’s more, with iotec we were able to reach brand new, incremental customers.
Lorraine Ruston, UK and Ireland Marketing Manager Intercontinental Hotel Group
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We are iotec, the only purpose built intent marketing platform
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