Digital Wild West

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Why we exist

We understand that the digital ecosystem is vast and complex. This can make an informed choice of vendor, product or service challenging. Throw in concerns around ad fraud, transparency and brand safety and the world of digital starts to resemble the Wild West.

iotec are dedicated to guiding marketers through the Digital Wild West and empowering them to take control of their digital media decisions.

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What we do


Ensure the suitability and success of your digital media investments.

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Provide bespoke solutions to best fit your media buying needs

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Provide the talent required to ensure the highest levels of performance and understanding

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What is Ethical Digital Media?

We believe in creating an ethical digital ecosystem that benefits both advertisers and consumers. That's why we've outlined 7 ethical principles that we'll always adhere to.

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Our clients

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We are iotec, the transparent media buying platform

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